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Trenchless Pipe Renewal using the Push Pulling Method Technology.

Push Pulling Method

Damaged gas and water lines, which must not remain in the ground, can be easily replaced with new pipes in the same bore path using the push-pulling technique.


The push-pulling technique is applicable whenever old pipes, which must not remain in the ground for environmentally or static reasons, have to be replaced.
The old pipe is completely removed from out of the ground
Destruction of the old pipe in the construction or intermediate pit with the cutting heads
Technique is applicable in all displaceable soils
The pulling force is applied to the old pipe all-over.
Single-stage replacement of old pipes from ND 100 to ND 250 in the same pipe route.
Suitable for old pulling out pipes made of grey cast iron, steel ductile cast iron, asbestos cement and fibre cement.
Pushing in of new pipes made of HD-PE, PP-HM, PE-X and ductile cast iron.
New pipes of equal or larger nominal diameter can be pulled in

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Further areas of application

With this Pipe Bursting Technology damaged old pipes with diameters of up to 1,200 mm (circular and oval profiles) can be renewed without the need for trenches. Pipe Bursting is an acknowledged and, most important, sustainable method for renewing pressure and gravity gradient lines. It has been in use all over the world for the past 30 years. Old pipes are replaced with new pipes of identical, smaller or larger diameters with this method which has been used all over the world for the last 30 years.

Why is Pipe Bursting Technology innovative and economical?
Main advantages

50% cost saving in comparison to open trench methods
Renewal of existing pipe-line routes
Almost no re-instatement costs due to ground settlement, groundwater interferences and road damage
Can be used for almost any type of damage and any kind of old pipe materials
The old pipe's capacity can be scaled up by 1-2 nominal sizes
New pipe has long service life of 80-100 years
Short installation and set-up times
Traffic flow and the environment are hardly affected

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Book recommendation

  • Handbook of Pipe Bursting Practice

    Pipe bursting terms and application range
    Host pipe and new pipe materials
    Planning and design guidelines
    Pipe Bursting equipment and accessories
    Jobsite reports

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  • This book introduces the technology of pipe rehabilitation by means of the pipe bursting method, provides extensive examples from practice and assists network owners, consulting engineers, planners and users in their every-day practice of specifying, tendering and performing pipe bursting projects. Content: Application range and methodology; Performing pipe bursting; Host pipe materials suitable; New pipe materials suitable; Economic efficiency considerations; Pipe bursting equipment; Method variations; International pipe bursting job stories; Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Testing and Inspection; Model bidding texts.


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